Enrich the world with emotional connection

At Miss Moneypenny Technologies we enable companies make use of the native apps Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. We help them build authentic, informative, emotionally thus valuable relations, make services easily available to users and save our planet's resources.

It's a like an app but within a native wallet app.

With our software suite our clients are able to provide pretty much all services they would normally build an App for. If it was 2010 that is. But you know: It's not.

We are experts in wallet technology, cloud computing, GDPR compliance and lean software architecture but we provide much more than an editor you can build wallet passes with: We are changing the way users interact with wallet apps altogether because we love to unleash potential in a new and creative way.

That's why leading companies from all kinds of industries put their trust in us.

A job we can dance to like no one is watching.

Yes, we are highly professional and our clients love us for it. But we are also a bit weird (don't worry, our clients already know). And while we take our goals and our work very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Over the years we have gathered up a collection of traditions, some made up, some adapted from the cultural and personal backgrounds we bring into the company, some sweet, some spicy and some strange.

We believe our success is fueled by the fun we experience working together, our ambitions to solve complicated and complex tasks in a smarter way and refined by our diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

An entrepreneurial growth mindset

We believe in lifelong learning and we are entrepreneurs. We take risks, we make things happen fast and we acquire new fancy skills on the way.

We deliberately take on big tasks, because rising to the occasion means we evolve - and we love that feeling. This includes realizing our potential on an individual level as well as empowering each other as a team. We want to look back at where we were a year ago and marvel at what we have achieved together.

We live a can-do attitude. We don't only identify problems, we always go past that step, identify possible solutions and see ourselves as an integral part of that solution.


Flexible work schedule.
Our employees optimize for their prime productivity time.

Offsite commute
We plan offsites in and around Berlin and Saigon on a regular basis and pay for your commute so you can join.

Professional work equipment
We provide the technical equipment you need. Wherever you work from.

Flexible work schedule.
Our employees optimize for their prime productivity time.

26 days of holiday per year - plus!
Plus all Berlin public holidays. Plus 2 days educational leave. Unused holidays carry over to next year's balance.

We are masters of our craft and keep learning.
Each employee gets up to 1.000 EUR educational budget and 2 days educational leave per year.

Join us on our exceptional journey

We pride ourselves in growing our company with great ambition, exceptional endurance, creativity, lots of fun and a deliberately small team of extraordinary people from all over the world.

We believe in personal growth and find joy in learning. The changes we have accomplished for our clients over the years have been truly remarkable and drive our efforts every day: We have pushed sustainability for large cooperations and brought transparency to users. Together we create changes worth spending our time for.

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Meet our people

Anna Bojic

Founder & Boss

Marc Lamp

Founder & CEO

Vinh Hoi Le Chau

Founder & CTO

Marius Pietsch

Team Lead & Innovation Manager

Gunnar Ulbrich

Senior Project Manager

Jaqueline Greatfengels

Senior Project Manger

Johnathan Tran

Engineering Manager

Dung Le

Assistant to CTO

Susanne Klingenberg

PA to C-Level

Magic yokes

Creative Director

Jennyfer Kirchner

Assistant to CEO

Dr.-Ing. Phillip Käser

Consultant IT Security & Data Protection

Dung Tran

Backend Engineer

An Nguyen

Frontend Engineer

Brian Nguyen

Backend Engineer

Eric Ngo

Site Reliability Engineer

Sravya Nimmala

Software Engineer

Louis Nguyen

Backend Engineer

Duong Thai Nguyen

Frontend Engineer

Danny Lo

UI-UX Designer

Aaron Nguyen

Frontend Engineer

Nora Heer

HR Consultant

and you...

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