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Do you want your brand to attract customers who don't just decide on price? You also see every complaint as an opportunity to prove that you are the best provider? Doesn't matter? Our automations reduce costs and increase satisfaction in the process. Seriously. It can be done.

Technical emergency service


Complaint emergency service

Warranty & Claims

International Communication

Onboarding new customers

Appointment booking

Automated and individual: case-level transaction tickets

One process, one token

In case of service, send digital transaction tickets that your customers can save in their smartphones - without any additional app.

An open channel

With the → service token in the digital wallet, your customers keep a communication channel open through which you can control relevant information at any time.

... and return channel

Receive feedback and enable your customers to control and even complete processes according to their needs. Powerful automation allows you to control processes and communication in an intelligent, capacity-saving and, above all, user-friendly way.

Feedback, e.g. Saturday evening at 20:15

Ask for feedback, without media disruption and at the right time, anonymised or user-specific and in the depth of information you need.

All is well again

With our self-compensation module, you can use the service case to increase satisfaction and brand loyalty in a fully automated way.

Reduce costs and increase satisfaction

Less costs

By digitalising the service process, we reduce the costs per processed transaction, lower 2nd calls and at the same time increase the satisfaction of your customers.

More satisfaction

The digital representation of the process as a ticket increases the trust of your customers, defines a channel for further exchange and enables precise, case-specific support in the open information channel.

Seamless integration

Easy integration into existing processes and CRM systems ensures a seamless transition between alternative channels such as SMS, email or call.

Technical facts and connections

Our USPs are awesome and our APIs are fully good and easy to integrate into your IT architecture. We also build adapters for you when your infrastructure is already approaching 40. Anything else would be "agist" and exclusion is uncool. We always think integratively by design.

More on Miss Moneypenny technology

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All about Wallet Passes

Drastic reduction of processing time means relieved service staff and higher quality customer care.


Reduction of 2nd calls. Customers who are informed in real time do not have to place their request several times with the service staff.


of all passport holders complete their service process themselves through automated, individual journeys by clicking on a link in the passport. Self-service leads to enormous cost reductions and relieved service staff.


Conversion rate! Service tickets in the form of wallet passes are very popular with users.

Maybe try again on the zero....

For your company

  • Reduce costs through digitisation of processes
  • Shorten processes through the use of data analysis
  • Increase customer satisfaction through smart feedback
  • Information provision and individual interaction

For your customers

  • Live status updates on the process
  • Self Checkout / Self Servicing possible
  • Feedback at own discretion & timing
  • Individualisation options
  • Less Care: Service provider can intervene depending on the situation

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