Do you have your digital stamp card with you? - Always!

Smart & digital loyalty replaces rigid and physical loyalty cards. Always at hand because stored in the smartphone and tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Technical emergency service


Complaint emergency service

Warranty & Claims

International Communication

Onboarding new customers

Appointment booking

The physical loyalty card is dead. Long live the smart loyalty card!

Always there

You want to inform your customers in a customised way, retain them and of course reward them for their loyalty. Customer bonus and stamp cards are great in terms of their purpose, but they are usually not included and certainly not customer-specific smart. Loyalty tokens stored in the smartphone are always available.

First date, then marry

Reduce bounce rates and hurdles for your loyalty card programme! Users can scan your loyalty card and take it with them quickly and paperlessly, and once they have discovered the benefits, they can submit successive data to you.

In the right place at the right time

Our engine automatically controls the display of offers, bonus points, promotions and events. And at the relevant time and place, supported by geofencing, user behaviour and machine learning.

A Token of Love

Reflect in the Loyalty Token Pass the information that connects your customers and you in real time: update the score directly when it is reached, say thank you at the right time or upgrade the status of your loyal customers directly when they reach it.

Odds high! Loyalty without registration

Down with the costs

Full digitalisation of the loyalty card reduces costs, increases usability for your customers and reduces your ecological footprint.


Traditional customer programmes usually require registrations that need sensitive customer data. Bad for conversion. We turn the process around, first linking the customer to the company and then qualifying.

Smart Call to Actions

Loyalty token passes are not only always with you, they also inform your customers at the right time with the offers that are individually of interest to the customer, irrelevant updates are filtered out by our bot. This is how you keep the relevance of your card alive.

Seamless integration

Easy integration with CRM systems ensures consistent customer communication and allows the integration of user-specific preferences from other data sources.

Technical facts and connections

Our USPs are awesome and our APIs are fully good and easy to integrate into your IT architecture. We also build adapters for you when your infrastructure is already approaching 40. Anything else would be "agist" and exclusion is uncool. We always think integratively by design.

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All about Wallet Passes

Massive and continuous increase in engagement with the client


of users remain active/engaged/in the conversion funnel within the framework of lead generation and customer care after 6 months with continuous information supply: No wearout effect.


active participants regularly use products and services, click links, give feedback, change preferences and use vouchers and offers placed in loyalty cards.

Do you have your digital stamp card with you? - Always!

For your company

  • Reduce costs through digitisation of plastic cards
  • Precisely tailored automatic individual customer care
  • Import of promotions, vouchers, events
  • Request for preferences Feedback on actions & service
  • Feedback on actions & service

For your customers

  • Customer card always at hand, always up to date
  • Show vouchers & promotions
  • Show personal preferences
  • Collect points, no more losing points
  • Individual & temporary upgrades possible

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