Love at the second click

The initial interest is there, but a purchase decision, membership or on-site appointment needs to be carefully considered. Approach your customer with automated, customised and individually played tokens. The first hurdle is small, the path to you is paved.

Technical emergency service


Complaint emergency service

Warranty & Claims

International Communication

Onboarding new customers

Appointment booking

Step by step you get closer to your next customer.

Please hold on!

Sure, advertising is a must. But let's be honest: What will happen to all those Facebook clicks and trade fair visitors later? Smart tokens pave the way to the final conversion and accompany your future customers to their destination.

I would then be ready

Individual timings, conditional trigger factors - we combine your campaign logic, personally preferred times and interests. Our bot responds at the best time with the right message.

And action

The final call to action is placed in the personal smartphone. With a push message, if you like. Now only one click separates you from each other - and that comes directly from the Token Pass. If things don't work out, our technology learns from it. And offers alternatives.

Tell me who you are

Registration, trial version, book an appointment at the dealer. At some point, it has to be more than a case ID. Token UI as a smart passport extension enables the leap out of anonymity at the right time. The sign-up is a native part of the journey. Naturally DSGVO-compliant. We also talk to Legal.

Now the campaign has come to an end.

Increase efficiency

Our add-on: Don't let the expensive initial effect of your acquisition measures fizzle out. The campaign is never over.

What would you like?

Preference selection and modification at any point in the token journey enable automated content adaptation. And this in the most critical phase of customer acquisition. The best targeting comes from your future customers themselves.

Gamification instead of boredom

Unilateral bombardment with static wallet passes? Your lead deserves more than to see your newsletter in a new medium. Our interaction module Token UI makes Journeys dynamic and leaves room for playful elements - a quiz, a little barter between friends, a collecting game. And still without an app download.

The contact that never breaks

"The customer has bought, then we turn off the pass." Please don't! Drilldown at case level and connection to your CRM enable targeted use throughout the entire lifecycle. Do you want the token to become a customer or bonus card later? Sure, with pleasure. We can do after sales.

Technical facts and connections

Our USPs are awesome and our APIs are fully good and easy to integrate into your IT architecture. We also build adapters for you when your infrastructure is already approaching 40. Anything else would be "agist" and exclusion is uncool. We always think integratively by design.

More on Miss Moneypenny technology

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All about Wallet Passes

Lasting retention, genuine engagement and dramatic efficiency gains from your existing campaigns - the token that makes the difference.


Holders who keep their passport for more than 6 months - even with promotional content.


Doubling the efficiency of marketing campaigns by adding smart tokens.


of the traffic we receive converts to permanently anchored tokens with push opt-in.

Love at the second click

For your company

  • Quickly double the campaign efficiency
  • Generate and maintain engagement through maximum relevance
  • Holistic nurturing from prospect to lead, from lead to customer, from customer to loyal fan
  • Derive next steps automatically and purposefully from the data stream

For your customers

  • Content that is never annoying and always relevant
  • Self-determined interaction at the right time
  • Low-threshold entry from anonymity
  • Digital pre-ownership and gamification
  • Sustainable support even after the purchase decision

We can talk about it sometime.
Then we'd have to hmmmja phone or something or you could send a fax.