Get to the leads! Smart, paperless and with maximum commitment

Prospects save your company or product to their smartphone with one click and our bot optimises information delivery to ensure your message arrives when it's relevant.

Technical emergency service


Complaint emergency service

Warranty & Claims

International Communication

Onboarding new customers

Appointment booking

Data-driven, o2o and customer-focused achieve KPI without detours

Digital flyers to go

Your company is already visible and accessible in many places through advertising or branches - online and offline. Use the existing rooms and spaces and offer interested parties to take a digital flyer with them without obligation.

Activate interested parties

Interested parties who have pulled a Digital Flyer are immediately and fully automatically supplied with information by the engine.

Not just any content

By specifying preferences, the user can also actively intervene and thus ensure a user-centred supply of suitable content.

Update, Qualify, Finalise

Our engine qualifies the newly acquired leads and continuously drives the specified KPS and targets.

Away with rubbish!
Bring on relevance!

Smart Info Card

Always provide up-to-date information to take away or pay attention to the ecological footprint? We can do both. Smart info cards not only fulfil all the functions of the classic printed flyer or brochure, our bot also specifically controls the qualification of the resulting lead.

Always up-to-date: Empowerment for app & website

Content can be automatically or manually kept up-to-date and relevant at all times. And you develop along with your customers. Your brand app and your website are just a click away and can be promoted in a targeted manner.

Suitable content for each individual

Customers can select their interests and focus and also adjust these at any time. This way, they are only provided with suitable content and are not distracted.

App First! Log-in now! But please get to know it first

Downloading the company app and registering on the website are elementary goals. However, customers first want to get to know the product and benefits anonymously and without obligation. Passports build the bridge. No one gets lost, everyone can be routed to the app and registration at the right time.

Technical facts and connections

Our USPs are awesome and our APIs are fully good and easy to integrate into your IT architecture. We also build adapters for you when your infrastructure is already approaching 40. Anything else would be "agist" and exclusion is uncool. We always think integratively by design.

More on Miss Moneypenny technology

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All about Wallet Passes

Massive cost savings through digitisation of info material and automation of lead qualification


of the flyer passes are retained and can be converted into loyalty card coupons or actual offer passes.

5 days

We need this when you need to move quickly to offer your customers a simple, working solution. New leads can then be generated immediately.


Costs per newly acquired interest/lead are already possible at a low level of complexity. Add-on features support you in further qualification.

Get to the leads! Smart, paperless and with maximum commitment

For your company

  • Reducing costs through digitalisation and automation
  • Materials always up to date, never out of date
  • High conversion and interaction rates
  • Individual supervision or cluster supervision
  • No media break. online meets offline

For your customers

  • Contact companies anonymously
  • Preference selection enables customised care
  • no longer miss any offers, also be able to share them
  • Client determines when, how and where he is personalised
  • Great Ecological Footprint

We can talk about it sometime.
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