Bye-bye cutting, hello conversion

Why place your benefits with resellers or even analogue when you can create a digital coupon book directly at Miss Moneypenny Technologies where you don't have to share advertising space with the competition? Let's become exclusive together. Test now for free!

Technical emergency service


Complaint emergency service

Warranty & Claims

International Communication

Onboarding new customers

Appointment booking

Because customers definitely know what they are interested in!

I want that

Passport customisations with Token UI are at the beginning of every journey. Your customer gets what they really want.

The right voucher just for me

Yesterday I was rummaging through brochures and then misplaced the voucher code - today I got the push message with 20% off my favourite product. Click, give it to me!

And how am I today?

The interest of potential customers evolves with life. With just one click, the user can adapt the passport content for the future. Would you like a little more? Gladly.

Competence at first hand

True innovation without legacies

We are a technology start-up. And we don't even try to somehow digitise a brochure for you. An independent, digitally curated presence opens up customer groups for you that already have the "no advertising" sticker on their letterbox out of conviction.

First show what you can do

Actually, it fits all sides, but you are not really convinced yet? Simply test our standardised voucher module for 3 months free of charge. You can order individualisation, advice and journey customisation later.

Recurrence instead of new acquisition

No one has the intention to void a voucher. Our smart workflow technology constantly updates the advantage token in a targeted manner. You acquire a customer exactly once.

Technical facts and connections

Our USPs are awesome and our APIs are fully good and easy to integrate into your IT architecture. We also build adapters for you when your infrastructure is already approaching 40. Anything else would be "agist" and exclusion is uncool. We always think integratively by design.

More on Miss Moneypenny technology

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All about Wallet Passes

A potent, fully digital channel for your benefits with a lasting effect on the customer.


more contemporary than shrink-wrapped brochures and static one-off passports. You think that's not a real metric? Then let's talk.


Retailer sales with only 600 passes in the low-priced consumer segment.


of all passes convert to the relevant target - the shop.

Bye-bye cutting, hello conversion

For your company

  • Minimisation of acquisition efforts thanks to long-term use of the token
  • Lean process and minimal effort
  • Developing new customer groups
  • Conversions directly into your shop

For your customers

  • Relevance through individualisation
  • One click to buy, without detours, without cutting out
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Never miss a benefit with automatic updates and push notifications

We can talk about it sometime.
Then we'd have to hmmmja phone or something or you could send a fax.