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Interactive engagement

A policy in a drawer is not a positive brand experience. We pull the policy out of the dusty corner and onto your customers' most personal device.


Interactive engagement

A policy in a drawer is not a positive brand experience. We pull the policy out of the dusty corner and onto your customers' most personal device.

So many applications!

Especially for the insurance industry, we have solutions on how to promote engagement. This means that you address your customers individually and your customers can also interact with you. Our strength is our performance. Because every customer should be able to control their own personal, positive experience with your brand.

We are a startup from the InsureLab Accelerator. InsurLab Batch #20


As one of twelve hubs in Germany, InsurLab Germany is part of the "de:hub" digital hub initiative set up by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is the official centre of excellence for the InsurTech scene in Germany.

Agency sales in the digital age

Personal contact with the local agency remains the most important distribution channel in the insurance industry. Online packaging faces a considerable hurdle here: Personal information is required for the regional allocation of a lead alone, which hardly any prospective customer provides voluntarily at the first click. In an innovation project together with RheinLand Versicherungs AG, we combine the online and offline worlds with a smart lead-nurturing jouney. Prospective customers receive a token pass based on minimal initial information, which automatically and successively sharpens and queries product interests. Agencies on site get access to relevant prospect passes and can communicate appointments and offers - even without providing contact details. Under the motto "first data, then marry", prospects from digital channels enjoy individual advice and become customers.

User-centred engagement

Digital instead of paper - this logical evolution of the classic insurance card has begun industry-wide. Our automated solution goes one step further: we want to achieve more than just digitising the contract in the drawer. Together with our partner and InsurLab mentor R+V Versicherung AG, we are implementing a smart wallet pass in the motor vehicle sector that maps insurance data and automatically creates contact points depending on user interest. The insurance company becomes a visible, emotionally tangible partner in every life situation. In addition, the possibility to quickly exchange data with the parties involved in the accident and constantly mapped communication channels to R+V ensure an excellent service experience in the event of a claim. The users are just as enthusiastic as we are, rating our solution in live operation with 4.7 out of a possible 5 points.

Survey Token: Rhineland Insurances

The insurance industry benefits from knowledge about what engages your current and future customers. In a project with RheinLand Versicherungs AG, we use the Survey Token to create a lasting, digital and emotional connection to customers and prospects. The smart combination of our Token Flow Engine, Big Nellie Intelligence and Event Sites modules creates an engagement journey that automatically plays out surveys after a one-time acquisition and motivates participation with a curated gift. A regularly accessible, segmentable panel provides valid data on current trends and life risks while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

We have recently fallen in love with the insurance industry. If you become our client, you will benefit from our rose-coloured glasses and our spirit of discovery.

Insurance cards. Marc tells you.

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Digital payment methods → on the rise
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