Are you interested in passport technology, what you can achieve with the mobile wallet or what Miss Moneypenny Tech has already implemented? Then you will find a selection of projects, case studies and information about the technology here. Some of our projects are designed for closed areas, which we unfortunately cannot show here, but we would be happy to tell you a bit more in a personal conversation.

Vinh Hoi Le Chau
August 30, 2021

My Porsche to "take home already".

She spends half an hour lovingly clicking together the Porsche of her dreams in the online configurator - and then?

Anna Bojic
December 5, 2020

InsurLab Batch #20 - we were there and owe InsurLab so much. In one word: Gamechanger!

Yes, it's a bit embarrassing... we don't have any pictures at the moment, so we took the screenshot from the InsurLab website. But we are so proud to have been part of this really cool accelerator. Thanks to the InsurLab team and all our partners and startup colleagues. We love you!

Marc Lamp
November 29, 2020

User-centred engagement with R+V: The digital motor insurance card

Digital instead of paper - this logical evolution of the classic insurance card has begun industry-wide. Our automated solution goes one step further: we want to achieve more than just digitising the contract in the drawer.