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The digital business card

Digital business cards not only fit better into the digital age, they are also more ecological, more sustainable, more secure and they save costs. Last but not least, the data on your digital business card is never outdated but can be updated automatically - even if it is already in your contacts' personal device.

Take the innovative route! Your new contact simply scans the QR code with their mobile phone camera and automatically receives your digital business card, which they can place directly in their digital wallet.

Finally: my digital process ticket

Trying to find the transaction number in an email at the counter? Having to spell your own name again because your name happens to be Vinh Hoi Le Chau or Anna Bojic' instead of Marc Lampe? That has to be better, our three founders thought! And our Marius Pietsch rolled it out globally with Sixt within two weeks. Super procedure for a super process.

Since 2016, we have been writing incredible success stories with our clients


Reduction of 2nd calls in the service. Customers informed by token passes are low-maintanance and more satisfied. This saves you costs and increases positive feedback.


of users remain active, engaged and in the conversion funnel within the framework of lead generation after 6 months with continuous information supply: No wearout effect.


monthly savings in user support for call centres through the use of service token passes by reducing unnecessary 2nd calls to a barely measurable value.

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